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Real Estate and Construction

Warhurst Law Office provides extensive services for real property disputes and transactions. A partial listing of services includes the following:

Warhurst Law Office provides experienced representation for all your real property and construction issues.

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Products, Commercial Equipment, and Household Goods

Bill Warhurst’s solid foundation in hard sciences leads to exceptional representation in disputes regarding building construction, commercial products, and household goods, including claims based on the following:

Residential-Land-Use-PlanningDefective deck replacement. Recovery against contractor's insurer despite bankruptcy.Cottage use disputed by ex-husband. Successfully forced to leave.Commercial tenant defenseDefectively manufactured clean bench with quartz tanksMajor home remodelDeposition exhibit in defective construction litigationLand use dispute (potential annexation)Eviction of derelict boat from harborExpert witness develops foundation repair plainDefend claim of fraud in sale of houseStructure Permits Dispute with CountyRepresent owner to legalize in-law unitClosing of boat harbor for redevelopment with eviction of all tenantsDefective pier exposed under houseBuyer's misuse of air rifle (defense of distributor)Adverse possession of commercial driveway by neighborWall encroaching neighbors' landDefense of subcontractor against claims of general contractorEx-husband evicted from garageNegligent flood clean-up company spread mold throughout house.