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Family Agreements

Families need thoughtful, trustworthy legal help when everyone agrees and when no one agrees. Financial agreements between spouses, between parent and child, and among other family members should reflect those special relationships and provide workable, transparent terms to avoid or resolve any later disagreements. Most importantly, the time to commit the agreement to writing is when everyone believes they agree -- before any dispute arises. An experienced lawyer can propose effective but convenient terms for family agreements, including:

Warhurst Law Office’s multi-disciplinary skills in real estate, family law, and corporate law not only result in agreements that comply with all three bodies of law, but also meet the desires of family members for simple, fair, legal, and transparent contracts.

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Family Disagreements

At times, family members disagree. Spouses may decide to separate. Siblings may believe one sibling took advantage of an older parent for that sibling’s personal advantage. Families in conflict need quality legal help to negotiate resolutions where possible and obtain judicial relief when necessary. Contact Warhurst Law Office for quality help with all family law matters -- both in court and out -- including:

Many of our divorce and child custody clients hired us after their previous attorney failed to represent their interests carefully or timely. Interview Bill Warhurst to see the difference a multi-disciplinary lawyer can make in your divorce or other family dispute.