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Business Structure & Legal Risk Control

Not only does a proper business structure provide a critical barrier between the threat of business loss and your personal assets, the business structure also provides a foundation to minimize employment issues, reduce taxes (in many cases), and prepare for investments in and eventual sale of the business. Sole proprietorships and general partnerships expose both the business and the assets of the owners to serious legal risks. Warhurst Law Office provides counseling and services to strengthen businesses:

Warhurst Law Office will help you chose a legal structure for your enterprise that supports growth and minimizes legal risk, while suggesting strategies to streamline legal management.

Employment Agreements & Independent Contractors

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Warhurst Law Office prepares employment-related business contracts, such as:

Warhurst Law Office can help employers avoid the increasingly serious consequences of informal or imprecise worker arrangements.

Service and Sales Contracts

Businesses of every size must rely on quality contacts to protect themselves from undesired liabilities and risk. Warhurst Law Office drafts custom contracts that promote the business while limiting legal risk. Most sales automatically include implied warranties and representations unless properly disclaimed or limited in writing . Sales of goods and some services that occur without written disclaimers expose the business to liability without fault. 

Disclaimers must be conspicuous, meet legal strictures, and be given before the sale occurs. Use Warhurst Law Office for your business contract needs. 

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Trademarks and servicemarks distinguish one business’ goods and services from those made or provided by others. Companies that fail to register their marks when the business first begins often regret it later. The United States now follows the international standard that the first to register a particular name, word, symbol, or design owns that mark even though another company may have been using the same mark for years. 

The value of a mark directly relates to the effort put into establishing it. No one will try to take it away when it is valueless, but if a business fails to protect itself when the mark is worth little, it will be too late when the mark becomes worth a lot.

In most cases, Warhurst Law Office is able to register your mark for a flat fee of $1,000, including a national, level-three search for existing name and design similarities and all filing fees. Related legal advice or help enforcing the mark are charged hourly rates.